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Swift Boats In Vietnam

The U.S. Navy Black Berets in Vietnam were made up of the Navy SEALS,  The Seawolf Helicopter pilots and the Navy Riverine Forces.  Swift Boats (PCF's)  played a major part in stopping the flow of weapons into the Republic Of South Vietnam by patrolling the rivers and canals from the DMZ to the Mekong Delta.   It took a special breed of sailor to fight from the decks of a Swift Boat.   The patrols were strenuous and the casualties were high.  For those of us that survived, our lives will never be the same.

The Following Men who served on Swift Boats gave there lives
in service to

The United States Of America.

May they Rest in peace

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SN David J.Boyle   BM2 Tommy E. Hill    QM1 Joseph P. Jurgella

   BM2 Raleigh L. Godley   EN2 Gale J. Hays

QM3 Eugene L. Self   BM2 Hubert Tuck    GMGSN Alvin L. Levan

BM1 Kemper S. Billings    MRC Willy S. Baker   BM3 Harry G. Brock

SN Gary W. Friedmann   SN Dennis R. Puckett   LTJG William H. Murphy III

BM1 Bobby D. Carver   EN2 Carl R. Goodfellow   GMG2 Billy Armstrong

   BM2 Anthony G. Chandler   EN2 Edward Cruz

RD3 Gerald D. Pochel   BM2 John P. McDermott    BM3 Richard  C. Simon

EN2 David L. Merrill   BM3 Peter P. Blasko   BM3 Stephen T. Volz

LTJG Richard C. Wallace   BM2 Steve R. Luke   EN2 John R. Hartkemeyer

BM3 Gerald R. Horrell    LTJG Donald G. Droz   QM3 Thomas E. Holloway

BM3 Richard L. Baumberger Jr.   EN3 Dewey R. Decker   GMG3 Richard W. Stindl

BM3 Robert A. Thompson   RD2 Kenneth P. West    EN3 Albert M. Fransen

GMG3 Glen C. Keene    GMG3 Stephen J. Penta   LTJG Robert L. Crosby

QM2 Richard L. Wissler   LTJG Kenneth D. Norton   RD3 Martin S. Doherty

RD3 Craig W. Haines   RD3 Frederick D. Snyder   QM2 Lanny H. Buroff

   RM3 Bruce A. Timmons   EN2 Jack C. Rodriguez   QM2 Frank Bowman

GMG2 Dayton L. Rudisill


The Last Patrol

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Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Jr.

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Flag Day
A Story Of Triumph, Tragedy
And Love

Written By Joe Muharsky


Joe Muharsky
RD2 United States Navy Black Berets
Forward Machine Gunner     Swift Boat (PCF-94)
Ha Tien River     Republic Of South Vietnam      1969

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Veterans Day message from me

  The Way We Were 

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The first picture is of the statues at the Vietnam Memorial with the names of all the casualties from Coastal Squadron One. The second is a picture of my boat (PCF 94) and the names of casualties. 

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This picture was restored for my friend, Tommy "Trees" Forest RD2 USN, COSDIV 13 Cat Lo. PCF-102 took a recoilless hit through the windshield. I merged two pictures together to show a close-up and added the writing to explain the picture. The original was extremely damaged, and the crane was removed from the picture.

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This is a photograph of   BM2 Steve Luke,    KIA  6 Dec 1968. He was Tom Forest's best friend. The original picture was black and white. The finished photo was colorized with a new background. Another photo is a merge of Steve Luke and the Vietnam Memorial with Steve's Name, done in a transparency.

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This picture was of an unknown boat and crew removing a casualty in 1969.  I do not know if the man is a Coastal Division 1 casualty or a dead Viet Cong so I am assuming that the dead person is one of ours and added the flag to this picture.   If any of you Swift Boat Sailors know the origin of this picture, please e-mail me.

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This picture is of Petty Officers Wicks and Williams bringing a wounded man across river in 1968.

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This is my friend Tom Forest. The original of this picture was very scratched and had many flaws. Picture was restored and enhanced. Writing added and a transparency with a Swift Boat done.

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This picture is of Tommy (Trees) Forest cooking something that really looks disgusting.

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This picture is of an unknown boat that took a 57 recoilless hit in 1966. Also an unknown Sailor looking through hole in boat.

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This picture was taken of the Swift Boat Home Page. It is from Gene Hart of PCF 42. Photo was enhanced and special effects added with statues at Vietnam Memorial.

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This is a picture of the remains of PCF 43. Lost in the Dung Keo canal April 12, 1969. I added the writing to explain the picture..Three U.S. Navy men were killed in action on this raid and thirty three men wounded in action.

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t-pcf43.jpg (1738 bytes)    t-pcf431.jpg (2383 bytes)

Close up of remains of PCF 43. Dung Keo Canal. April 12, 1969.

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PCF 39 at sandbar in Cua Dai River.  April 1969.

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Up A Creek

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