Swift Boat Art

The Art Of Mr. Mike Deibel.

This is two pictures of a plaque that The Artist Mr. Mike Deibel Created for me as a Christmas Present.

It is 22 inches wide and 17 inches high made out of 3/4 inch poplar.  It is stained in a dark walnut and after the oil painting is complete it is covered with 3 coats of polyurethane for a smooth glossy finish.

Mr. Deible's paintings hang all over the world and his portrait of a B17 is mentioned in the book "A Wing And A Prayer".

He has also created a portrait of Admiral Zumwalt and his son which was presented to the Zumwalt Family and a portrait of our departed brother BM2 Anthony Chandler.

Although Mr. Deibel is not a veteran he did the painting of the Admiral for 1/2 his normal price $1500 and the painting of Tony Chandler was his gift to the family.

Both of those paintings can be viewed on this web site.

I asked Mr. Deibel if he would be willing to make these plaques for the Swift Boat Sailors and he said he would.

The cost will be $295 dollars plus shipping but he is willing to pay the shipping on the first 5 orders.

The pictures were taken with my digital camera and really do not do justice to just how beautiful this plaque is and what it might mean to future generations.  The writing on it did not show up very good in the picture but it says RD2 Joe Muharsky on the left and U.S. Navy Vietnam 1968 on the right.   Your order will be personalized with your name and boat number on the swift boat.

It tool Mr. Deibel quite a bit of time to create this and orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

As you can see, this is a real work of art and it looks just beautiful hanging on my family room wall.

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As a few of you know I am quite handy (not to mention humble) at creating and restoring photographs.

What I would like to do for all of you who ever served on a Swift Boat to make you a picture.  There are three backgrounds to chose from.  Just let me know which one you would like and e-mail (ndc@mwweb.com) me a high resolution JPEG photo of your self in Nam or now and I will create it for you.   The cost is FREE.  It is my way of honoring all of my brothers.  They will be done on a first come first serve basis and I will e-mail you the finished photo in an 8x10 High resolution JPEG format.  Just get some glossy paper, pop it in a photo quality printer and you will have a photo for yourself and a lasting memory of "Who We Were".

Please chose form one of the following backgrounds.  I will be waiting for your reply.

  Joe Muharsky  RD2  PCF 78 Dannang    PCF 94 An Thoi


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Those that I have finished.

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By special request.  Bob Byram's first day back from Nam.

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Joe Muharsky's first day back from Nam.  Guess which way he went?

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